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Terms and Conditions

Q1. Interpretation of conditions:

The following words and phrases shall have the following meanings: "Conditions" means the standard terms and conditions of sale and any agreed variations there to confirmed in writing by the Company to the Customer. "The Customer" means the persons, firm or company who purchases or orders the Goods from the Company. "The Company" means GQP Limited (Euroblinds). "Contract" means the contract between the Company and the Customer, which shall be deemed to incorporate these terms. "Goods" means any items and services sold by the Company to the Customer. "Place of Delivery" means the place to which the Goods are to be delivered or fitted by the Company.

2. Contract:

The Customer accepts that these conditions shall apply to all legal relations between himself and the Company to the exclusion of any other terms including any conditions warranties or representations written or oral express or implied. No variation of these conditions shall be valid unless agreed to in writing and signed by an authorized person on behalf of the Company and on behalf of the Customer. All specifications, drawings, quotation and invoice descriptions issued by or on behalf of the Company are intended merely to give a general description of the Goods and any person reading them may not rely on anything contained therein as being a representation of fact concerning the goods or a warranty relating thereto whether as to their condition or otherwise.

3. Delivery

Delivery takes approximately 10 working days for most products ordered. However GQP Ltd cannot be held responsible for late deliveries due to problems with courier services, high order volumes at the factories or stock delays or customers not being present to sign for the goods on delivery. GQP Ltd will endeavor to deliver the order as soon as possible. All goods will be delivered to the address provided and must be signed for upon receipt. If the couriers cannot complete delivery and the order is returned to the factory then there is a re-delivery charge for the order to be re-dispatched. Subject to the other provisions of these Conditions, the Company shall not be liable for any loss, whether direct or consequential, economic or loss of profits or otherwise, arising directly or indirectly out of any delay in the delivery of the Goods. When ordering made to measure blinds the customer agrees to a legal binding contract, Made to measure blinds are made to the customers precise measurements and there for can not be resalable. Any errors made when ordering are the customer’s liability, as all customers must ensure they check their orders.

4. Risk and Ownership of goods:

Risk of damage to or loss of the Goods shall pass to the Customer on pickup. The Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the goods upon delivery or collection for a supply only sale and agrees that payment will be made pre- manufacturing. Ownership in the Goods shall not pass to the Buyer until the Company has received in full in cleared funds all sums due to GQP Ltd. Nothing in this document shall prevent GQP Ltd from raising an action against the Customer for payment of the Goods. Until such time as the property in the Goods passes to the Customer the Company shall be entitled at any time to require the Customer to deliver up the Goods to GQP Ltd and if the Customer fails to do so forthwith to enter upon any premises of the Customer or any third party where the Goods are stored and repossess the Goods.

5. Terms of Payment

Full payment to be made before production of goods starts.
All prices for goods are for supply only. Installation is the responsibility of the customer.  GQP Ltd issues an invoice which is due for payment via bank transfer.

Written quotes are valid 4 weeks if not stated otherwise..

Payment terms for commercial retailers are specified in the individual account application forms.

6. Cancelled or changed orders

Where an order is cancelled or changed GQP Ltd reserves the right to invoice all or part if the full price in accordance with the amount of work carried out on the order and costs incurred up to the time such cancellation or changes is accepted by the Company in writing.

7. Right To Cancel

GQP Ltd has the right to cancel the order if:-
1)GQP Ltd has insufficient stock to make and deliver the goods ordered
2) If the customer has ordered from an Island or Country where we do not deliver to
3) The goods ordered unknown to us have suddenly been discontinued.
4) A pricing error or typing error has occurred due to system failure within our database or website. GQP Ltd would notify you of this by email and no discounts or compensation can be offered under this unforeseen circumstances.

8. Installation

Improper installation, handling & maintenance causes loss of any warranty. GQP Ltd is not responsible for any damage caused by improper installation by a third party. All blinds are factory adjusted. If a third party installs the blinds, the final blind adjustment has to be carried out by this installer according to our installation guidelines. The guidelines and instructions have to be downloaded from our website: and

9. Defective Goods

GQP Ltd will repair or replace any goods to this nature which have been damaged or have manufacturing defects but no discount or refund can be offered. All Customers when in receipt of their order have 3 days to report any damaged or defective goods due to manufacturing, or damage caused while being in the delivery process, customers must open their parcels once they have been delivered to check the goods are not damaged and fully intact, and also do check that all parts, fixing brackets and accessories are all complete within 3 days. Damaged blinds must be returned within 3 days of receipt of your remake or you will be charged the original order cost of the blinds in question and the remake also. With exception of products fitted in an unsuitable environment for the material supplied, this for example would apply to any product other than a waterproof blind being fitted in damp or moist area could affect the fabric or working of the blind as it is not a suitable choice for the area and purpose. Normal "wear and tear" cannot been seen as defect.

Because our goods are "made to measure" the customer shall have no right to amend or cancel the order, return the goods or seek any refund of the price paid by you from GQP Ltd. This is because when GQP Ltd receives an order, the manufacturing process begins immediately and the goods are manufactured to the customers’ exact specification.

Thermal Stress: damages to glazing can occur caused by thermal stress- this is not a product fault and no responsibility of GQP Ltd. Please refer to you glazing/window manufacturer to obtain information about the risk of thermal breakage and how to reduce this risk.

Honeycomb fabrics: the lifespan of honeycomb- fabric is greatly influenced by  the type of glass and exposed UV- intensity. Single glazing or standard double glazing will reduce the lifespan of the fabric significantly as the UV intensity is much higher compared to European glass- standards. If in doubt please check with GQP Ltd before placing an order.

10. Product Description and Measurements

The products on our website are examples of the fabric or materials only -the fabrics on the website have been photographed, due to different types, styles and settings of computer monitors shading and colour can not be an exact colour. Due to this GQP Ltd does advise before placing an order to request a free sample of the fabric before ordering. Due to colour variations between product batches we cannot guarantee shade matching as most fabrics are dyed each batch can vary slightly in shade .

Due to the print design of some pattern fabrics it is not guaranteed the fabric will reflect the full range of colours or pattern design, if you are in any doubt as to the precise nature of the fabric you are advised to call our customer services for further advice. Whilst every attempt will be made by GQP Ltd to ensure that the goods sold and delivered match in every respect any sample or description shown or given or sent to the customer, any minor or immaterial variation, change in colour or pattern between the sample or description and the goods delivered shall not entitle the customer to reject the goods nor to claim any compensation for such variation or change.

Our made to measure blinds are made to the customers’ precise measurements and cannot be sent back for a refund. If the customer has ordered a product without ordering a sample first GQP Ltd can not be held responsible if the customer does not like the colour or quality of the goods ordered and no replacements or refunds will be given. All customers must check the product and measurements of the goods before placing their order and are responsible for checking the order to ensure all the order details are correct and if any amendments or cancellation is required this must be advised by email immediately. Help on measuring and specifications of all products are found on the website.

11. GST (Goods & Services Tax)

GST No 109-261-882

12. Warranty

The organizations involved in the manufacture of pleated and honeycomb blinds warrant the product they have supplied and their workmanship: This guarantee does not cover damage through accident, neglect, incorrect installation or any damage whatsoever after pick up or delivery to the purchaser for reasons not related to their state or condition at the time of purchase. Improper installation, handling & maintenance causes the loss of warranty. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. GQP Ltd reserves the right to issue an invoice for call-outs, replacements or complaints caused by accident, neglect, incorrect installation or any damage whatsoever pick up or delivery. Please refer to installation & maintenance guidelines from GQP Ltd for more details. GQP Ltd does offer a 24 month warranty (non commercial use). Warranty is a "return to base" warranty, GQP Ltd does not carry any cost occurred by installation or shipping to our premises in Mosgiel.

Block out fabrics in particular (but not limited to),  pleated and honeycombs, fabrics, could increase the thermal stress on the glass which might lead to cracks in the glass under specific circumstances (e.g. annealed glass, not enough distance between glass and fabric, north facing windows, “hard shadows”, objects too close to the glass panes, etc) . GQP ltd can not be held liable for any such damages.

Commercial use: It is a condition of sale that this guarantee and the Consumer Guarantees Act will not apply if this product is acquired for commercial use.

13. Consumer Guarantees Act

  • Consumer Guarantees Act: This guarantee is in addition to any rights and remedies available to a "consumer" as defined under the Consumer Guarantees Act (as detailed below).

  • Be of acceptable quality (see definition below).

  • Be fit for their particular purpose.

  • Match the description given in advertisements or sales brochures, or by the sales assistant.

  • Be owned by the consumer, once purchased.

  • Be a reasonable price, if no price or pricing formula has been previously agreed

14. Acceptable quality

  • Do what they are made to do.

  • Are acceptable in appearance and finish.

  • Are free from minor defects.

  • Are safe and durable.

16. Privacy

Personal information and contact details of customers are only used for the purpose for which they have been supplied - to facilitate a transaction with GQP Ltd. Personal information will not be shared, sold or given to other parties, except where legislation requires. Supplied information can be used for marketing purposes (e.g newsletters and special offers) from GQP ltd only.

17. Court of jurisdiction

The court of jurisdiction is Dunedin.

18. Entire Agreement

The terms and conditions contained herein constitute the entire Agreement between the parties and no amendment or variation shall be of any force and effect unless expressed in writing and signed by both GQP Ltd and the customer.



GQP limited

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