System Technology from Germany

TwinGo blinds use the system technology from the German market leader Cosiflor.  The philosophy behind the successful German brand is the constant commitment to quality, reliability and innovation.

The rails of the Cosiflor system do not only look very neat and sophisticated, they are also the ideal solution for the use in european tilt & turn windows and doors (timber, timber-aluminiumium and UPVC) as they do fit perfectly into the glassbead- frame. But the Cosiflor- system is certainly also suited for all standard (outward opening) Aluminium- and timber joinery.


The Cosiflor system is available in different hardware options. The freehanging blinds (F) slide up and down with the help of a cord - the unique patented cordlock allows the operation from different angles.


​The pre-tensioned blinds (VS) slide easily up and down without the help of a cord. Small handles are fitted to the rail and allows the operator to move the fabrics up and down with ease.


For skylight blinds the special "DF-system" is available, which includes an additional guide wire at the outside of the blinds.


For conservatory roof blinds (horizontal blinds) the "PL- system" is the perfect solution


Different system solutions are also available for shaped blinds, as well as motorized options for most system- types.



Cosiflor system- Technolgy:

F-  system


The F system is the free hanging system which is operated by a cord. The top rail is fixed and the blind is operated with a stylish pull cord.

The F system can get designed as a Day/Night blind with 2 different fabrics for UV protection and night time privacy and insulation.

The F- system is also available in shaped- forms.

The blinds are available with operating cord or automated. For the option with cords we offer child safe hardware.

VS system


​This system is handle operated and works completely without a cord. The system is fitted with stylish tension feet or brackets at the top. The mounted handle on the operating rail allows to easily move the rail up and down. The rails are perfect for sun protection and privacy. The system is child safe as there are no lose cords. For high level blinds operating rods are available.

The VS system can get designed as a Day/Night blind with 2 different fabrics for UV protection and night time privacy and insulation.

The VS- system is also available in triangular or right angled triangular forms.

PL- system


​Roof windows and conservatories can cause a build up heat in a building on sunny days and also loose most heat through the glass on colder days. The solution is the PL system which offers sun protection and heat loss reduction at the same time.

The PL system works with silicone coated steel support wires for maximum strength and durability. The PL conservatory roof system is also available motorized and can be integrated into a home automatisation system.

The PL roof- system is also available in shaped forms.