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Pleated fabrics overview

Dessin No.450, EndOfLine

Dessin No.897

Dessin No.982​

Dessin No.051

Dessin No.761

Dessin No.053

Dessin No.892

Dessin No.206

Dessin No.209

Dessin No.208

Dessin No.968

Dessin No.979

Dessin No.985

Dessin No.956

Dessin No.889

Dessin No.774

Dessin No.775


Dessin No.081 End of Line

Dessin No.083 End of Line

Dessin No.082 End of Line

Dessin No.084

Dessin No.086

Dessin No.085

Dessin No.079

Dessin No.090

All fabric colours can differ from the original colours due to different screen settings and light

To order up to 5 free fabric samples free of charge please send us an email.

Fabric properties 

Translucent fabric

Dim out fabric

Black out fabric

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